Whisky Tasting Thursday 14th July

Whisky Tasting Thursday 14th July

This is a must for any whisky fan! And the perfect father's day gift. 

This is a NOT TO BE MISSED night of whisky! Join us on Thursday 14th July for a guided Whisky Tasting FROM 7:30pm.  

During the tasting you'll be tasting the core range from Monkey Shoulder (15ml dram of each) and watching how to make some whisky based cocktails perfect for summer too. There is no food included in this tasting so we recommend eating beforehand!

The tasting will be hosted by whisky expert Callum Rixson in association with Monkey Shoulder. Callum will talk us through a general introduction of whisky & the production, highlight the differences between whisky from different countries. The tasting will run between 7:30-9:30pm. If you've been to one of Callum's tastings you'll know how much energy he has and we'll be tasting different whiskies than we have tasted here before as well as a demo or two for some whisky based cocktails...so why not join us again! 

After the tasting, further drinks can be purchased at additional cost & you are welcome to stay & drink. We will be serving last orders at 10:30pm and asks guest to leave by 11pm. 

This event includes a structured tasting. If you are late you risk missing out on samples. 


Thursday 14th July
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